Big Sur International Marathon

Sunday, April 28, 2024

BSIM SoleMate

Big Sur International Marathon

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Girls on the Run is for ALL girls and our SoleMates are furthering a commitment to program accessibility to ensure that ANY girl — regardless of financial circumstances — is able to participate.

SoleMate Spotlight

Please scroll down to learn more about our 2024 GOTRSV Big Sur SoleMates and click on a link(s) to make a donation.


Support our SoleMates!

We are so excited to spotlight the 2024 GOTRSV Big Sur International Marathon SoleMates! Each SoleMate has been raising money while they train to run from Big Sur to Carmel on April 28th. Click a link below to help our SoleMates reach their fundraising goal!


"There are many things I love about GOTR, but my favorite thing is helping the girls at my school to learn to love and empower themselves. It is truly amazing to see the growth of each girl every season"


"Running and fitness have always been important parts of my life, and it has been extremely rewarding to coach, mentor, and motivate my daughter and her classmates through the lessons leading up to and through the 5K." 

* SEAN *
"Fundraising for Girls on the Run is important to me because running has truly transformed my life in many ways."


"Girls on the Run holds a special place in my heart because of my past involvement with Gamma Phi Beta during college. I witnessed firsthand the tranformative power of programs like these, which provide young girls with the tools they need to face life's challenges head on."


"I found Girls on the Run in 2008. I loved everything about it. I loved running with a buddy and I loved the idea of giving back to my community - I was able to mentor, gain leadership skills and build life-long relationships."


"As a mom of two girls, I'm grateful for organizations like Girls on the Run that instill the JOY of running and the camaraderie that comes from achieving goals and doing hard things together."


* ANNE *
 "I am so passionate about raising money for Girls on the Run, an organization that centers around connection and empowerment for young girls!"


"I have learned many lessons throughout my life competing in tennis and running ... I want to continue to share and coach young girls so they can feel empowered and inspired to achieve their short and long term goals."

"Running is my very own fountain of youth. Every time I run it feels like a beautiful celebration to life and nature."


"Access to running is extremely important to me."




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