Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run is a social-emotional program for girls in 3rd-5th grade that creatively uses a fun curriculum and inclusive physical activities to teach critical life skills, such as developing healthy friendships, managing emotions, standing up for yourself and others, and how to set goals and make intentional decisions. 

Trained coaches lead small groups of girls through discussions and fun games and workouts to promote empowerment and healthy lifestyle choices, all while training them to run/walk a 5K (3.1 miles).

Questions? Please contact Director of Program Development, Amy Flaskerud, at


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Spring 2025 Season

We are currently planning our Spring 2025 season!


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  • For Heart & Sole, we will continue to offer TWO programming options: either a 2 day per week program or 1 day per week program. Our Heart & Sole programs are designed to meet the unique needs of 6th-8th grade girls of all abilities. The program considers the whole person – body, brain, heart, spirit and social connection. Heart & Sole offers an inclusive place of belonging, where participants feel supported and inspired to explore their emotions, cultivate empathy and strengthen their physical and emotional health.

  • The Spring 2025 GOTR season will be 10 weeks of programming from the week of March 3, 2025 until the GOTR 5K on May 17.

  • We are currently recruiting coaches and sites for the Spring 2025 Season. If you are interested in continuing or starting a team at your school please contact Director of Program Development, Amy Flaskerud at or click on the links below...

    Site Application

    New Coach Application

    Returning Coach Application

    Jr Coach Application

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Fin-Aid - GOTR

Financial Assistance

Girls on the Run is able to offer financial assistance to families in need and the process is included as part of online registration. During registration, there will be a few questions to determine the level of eligibility and the program fee will be adjusted accordingly. In addition, significantly reduced fees are granted to sites with 70% or more of students qualifying for free or reduced lunch based on an eligibility index provided by the State of California. No girl has ever been turned away due to her family’s inability to pay.


Building confidence and setting young girls down the path of a healthy lifestyle is PRICELESS! However, there are real costs associated with operating a non-profit organization and delivering the Girls on the Run program to close to 2,000 girls each year.

Registration fee includes:

  • Amazing volunteer GOTR coaches who are certified, trained, and back-ground checked
  • Official GOTRSV T-shirt
  • Fun and motivating GOTR research-backed SEL curriculum and all weekly activity materials
  • Personal GOTR lesson journal
  • Automatic entry into the season-end GOTR 5K celebration event
  • Exclusive 5K GOTR finishers medal
  • New friendships, critical life skills and positive energy to last a lifetime!

Coaches are not allowed to drive any participant, outside of their immediate family, when operating in the capacity as a coach. If transportation of a girl is necessary, GOTRSV requires the girl's parent/guardian to submit a Transportation Release Form at least 24 hours in advance. You can click here to access the Transportation Release Form. 


  • Early December 2023

    Registration for the Spring 2024 Season opens

  • WEEK OF MARCH 4, 2023

    Spring 2024 Season begins!

  • May 18, 2024

    Celebratory 5K at Vasona Park


COVID-19 Information

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How is Girls on the Run different from other programs?

Unlike other programs, Girls on the Run combines both life skills learning and physical activity. It is our research-based curriculum and nationally recognized coach training program that sets us apart from other programs. In fact, an independent study showed that Girls on the Run participants were significantly more likely than girls in organized sports to learn and use life skills such as managing emotions, resolving conflict, helping others and making intentional decisions.

My girl isn't a big runner - is this program for her? OR My girl is already a skilled runner. Is this program for her?

Yes! We are much more than a running program, and every participant can benefit from the experience of building confidence through accomplishment while participating in our rich, curriculum-based, age-appropriate, interactive lessons. Expect lots of games, talking, laughing and processing in addition to running at each practice. And know that when we say run, we mean run, walk, skip, roll or push, just as long as you are moving foward!

Why is Girls on the Run only for girls?

Girls on the Run designs programs specifically for girls, with the needs of today’s girl central to the curricula. Historically, girls have had limited access to opportunities in sports and physical activity-based contexts. While the number of opportunities has increased since the inception of Title IX, girls continue to receive lower levels of social support for participation and stop taking part at higher rates due to these barriers.  Additionally, programs often fail to provide a learning climate which supports the optimal physical and emotional development of girls.  As such, extensive efforts have gone into the design and evaluation of Girls on the Run to specifically address topics and challenges that girls encounter during late childhood and adolescence in a psychologically safe environment.

Does Girls on the Run allow transgender youth to participate?

We respect and value the individuality and dignity of all people and welcome children who identify as girls, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming to participate in our program. One of our core values is to embrace our differences and find strength in our connectedness and this policy reflects that.

My child has a disability. Can she participate in Girls on the Run?

Girls on the Run believes that girls with and without disabilities deserve to participate in our program. The volunteers and staff are committed to providing the most inclusive environment possible at practice and at the end-of-season 5K Celebration through:

* Including a specific focus on serving girls with a range of disabilities in our coach training.
* Recognizing that each of our participants is wonderfully unique and may need accommodations that our coaches have not considered. The guidance of grown-ups is welcomed and encouraged to provide a safe, inclusive environment.
* Providing an inclusion guide to coaches with specific lesson adaptations for participants with physical, sensory, and intellectual disabilities.

We can't afford the program registration fee, but our child would love to participate. Do you offer financial assistance?

We recognize that we live in an ever changing economic environment. We are committed to making Girls on the Run accessible to all who want to participate! We offer financial assistance to families in need. The online registration form asks a few simple questions to find the fee that is right for your family based on a sliding scale.

How does Girls on the Run ensure its programs are inclusive?

At Girls on the Run, our core values guide us to be open-hearted, intentional decision makers who embrace differences and stand up for ourselves and others. We strive for our programs to be accessible and welcoming to those who want to participate. We honor this commitment by ensuring that:

* We remain mindful of participation barriers and strive to find ways to eliminate them.
* All aspects of the registration process are equitable.
* Our commitment to access is clearly communicated to all communities.
* All participants feel that the curriculum is relevant and reflects their life experiences.
* All participants feel listened to, valued and part of a team.
* We welcome children who identify as girls, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming to participate.
* We have adapted the curriculum so that those who have disabilities can safely and successfully participate.
* All participants have a coach who has been trained to understand social context, create positive inclusive environments, and build genuine relationships.

When does the 10-week season begin?

Practices will begin the week of March 4, 2024. The culminating event will be the 5K on Saturday, May 18th. More information will be shared by the GOTR staff and by your girl's coaches once the season begins.

Do girls need to attend both days each week in order to register?

Yes! Since most of our teams fill up quickly, if your girl will be unable to attend all the sessions, please save room for a girl who can, and consider joining us in a future season when she can enjoy the entire program.

Can the coaches drive my daughter to or from practice?

Coaches are not allowed to drive any participant, outside of their immediate family, when operating in the capacity as a coach. If transportation of a girl is necessary, GOTRSV requires the girl's parent/guardian to submit a Transportation Release Form at least 24 hours in advance. You can click here to access the Transportation and Release Form.

What is the GOTRSV cancellation/refund policy?

A full refund of the program fee less a $50 processing fee ($10 for those who receive financial aid) will be issued if a girl withdraws at any point BEFORE the program begins, except in cases of medical emergencies (with a doctor's note or documentation). No refunds will be issued once the season begins. No refunds will be issued if there is a transition to a virtual program. If a team is cancelled due to insufficient registration or other circumstances deemed appropriate by the Executive Director, the full registration fee will be refunded.